★★★★★ ReWriteThis Story

“Joyous”…”I left feeling  warm and joyful” 

★★★★★ PocketSizeTheatre

“Jones and the cast are phenomenal, you will not be disappointed”
“High energy, it doesn’t give you a chance to breathe & @luciejones1 is perfect in every way” 
“The surprise of the night came in the form of Rita Simons. Brava to Simons”
“Bill Ward was greasy & villainous & was the cherry on the cupcake of tonight’s sweet show” 


“Lucie Jones brings warmth and charm by the bucketload, plus a voice of rare sweetness and power… her rendition of the title song – a rare moment of introspection in this raucous score – soars.”
“David Barrett is an absolute delight”
“Bill Ward is a swaggering ham as ultra-slick Professor”
“Rita Simons as Paulette is outrageously funny, completely lovable and vocally magnificent: it’s a really classy musical comedy debut.”
“undeniably a crowd-pleaser”

★★★★ Remotegoat

“The set & many many costumes are just gorgeous – I had no idea there were so many shades of pink in the world!”

★★★★  Gay Times

“This production is sure to make a star out of Lucie Jones once again”
“Rita Simons lands her character perfectly between ditzy & charming. Oh and she’s a cracking voice, too!”
“Bursting at the seams with uplifting moments and joyous company numbers”

Maidenhead Advertiser

“Legally Blonde: The Harvard way to prove yourself to an ex-boyfriend”

Henley Standard

“One Elle of a show, but there’s even more beneath the surface”
“fast, furious and forceful”
“slick and and near faultless”

★★★★★ ReWriteThisStory

“Legally Blonde is an absolute must see!”
“the second [Lucy Jones] appeared on stage she took my breath away”
“had me in tears of laughter”
“both adorable dogs stole hearts every time they took to the stage”

★★★★ The Reviews Hub

“packs a punch”
“very very funny”
“Rogue dog appearances, outrageous cheerleader costumes and hilarious musical numbers were all part of the charm”

★★★ Broadway World

“fast, frivolous and fun”
“ Lucie Jones as Elle is every inch the leading lady”
“As far as escapism goes, it doesn’t get much better than a night with Elle and the Delta Nus. Ohmigod you guys”


“OMG! What a sensational musical”
“A warm, genuinely funny cast with fab voices and impossible bags of energy”
“The story challenges our stereotypes but also says – hey it’s OK. You can be a girl, like pink and be smart too.”
“What a feat”


“a hilarious and touching journey to success”
“Jones was exceptional”
“well worth seeing and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.”

Rewrite This Story

“It’s Feel-Good Fantasticness”
“You’ll definitely have the tunes stuck in your head”
“a fantastic night out”


Legally Blonde is 1 of the “must see shows you must book now” says the Edinburgh Evening News! 

Legally Blonde The Musical at Rhyl Pavilion OMG it’s like … WOW! Review 

“a joy to watch”
“I was blown away by Rita’s performance”

★★★★ Legally Blonde – Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl

“Lucie Jones – she has an addictive voice”
“a truly great show.”
“funny throughout and it’s bursting with high energy”
“I cannot recommend this show enough”

Rhyl Journal

“bursting with excitement”
“Fans of the movie will not be disappointed”
“It is everything a musical should be”

Daily Post

“will delight many”
“I’m certain Ms Witherspoon herself would approve of her performance.”
“as hilarious as it was catchy”
“delightfully camp, energetic and cheesy guilty pleasure for all to enjoy”

Sheffield Star

“A SPLASH OF PINK TO BRIGHTEN THE GLOOM” – a great review in Sheffield Star for @LegallyBlondeNT 
“High-energy musical abut a woman defying stereotypes”

★★★★ North West End

“proves that blondes really do have more fun”
“Jones portrayal of Elle Woods is sweet and charming”
“Legally Blonde is a fluffy, pink, glitter filled delight, full of light hearted humour”

★★★★★ What’s Good To Do

“some of the best one-liners I’ve ever heard”

★★★ Richard Barber

“about as deep as a puddle”
“Bill Ward, rather good”
“Heather Petrovna had a terrific routine”
“fabulous performance by…Rita Simons”

★★★★★ Wolverhampton What’s On

“A barrage of witty songs, perfectly delivered one-liners”
“[Lucie Jones’ and Rita Simons’] vocals were impeccable”
“a highly polished production with an ever-so-talented cast”
“top-quality entertainment”