Nottingham Evening Post

A sure-fire splash hit

The Stage


Daily Echo

Olivier award winner Tim Flavin rains supreme. He is utterly mesmerising with attention paid to every step and every note.

Chichester Observer

Tim Flavin is at his absolute best in this dazzling revival of Singin’ in the Rain, a show that will have you singing all the way home. The rain gushes down from the ceiling, not once but twice – all part of this spectacular no-expense-spared production

Northern Echo

Those of us brought up on a diet of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers’ movies are in our element. Both (Tim Flavin and Jessica Punch) are certainly the best headliners we’ll get on tour in the North East this year.

The Herald

The ensemble cast brought the stage to life in the big numbers….and the finale, a stomping Singin’ in the Rain complete with downpour had even the sternest critics grinning like nostalgic schoolchildren.

The Scotsman

The big song and dance numbers – from Singin’ in the Rain to Broadway Melody – are delivered with real panache

North Wales Daily

Flavin is brilliant as Don Lockwood, he performs the signature moment of Singin’ in the Rain to perfection, with rain pounding on the stage, there is nothing to do but stare in awe. A wonderful feel good show, the cast sung and danced their socks off to provide a great evening of entertainment that was rewarded with a standing ovation by a very appreciative audience.

Mature Times

Definitely one not to miss. This slick production beautifully captures the golden age of the MGM musical.


From the soaring medley at the beginning to the final brolly twirling routine we were tapping our toes and humming along….I promise you’ll come out with a smile on your face.

Bristol Evening Post

Experienced American dancer Tim Flavin brought gilt edged star quality to the Gene Kelly role and was ably supported by a hard working cast who maintained the shows energy. Witty one-liners, dazzling costumes, and eye-catching full chorus numbers, which were tightly executed..and the much-anticipated Singin’ in the Rain number lived up to expectations, performed as the rain fell to the stage from above.

Swindon Advertiser

The stunning display of dancing and singing abilities displayed by the cast kept the audience kept the audience mesmerised from the moment the curtain went up.

Teesdale Mercury

A superbly cast production, one of the slickest I have seen.

Wakefield Express

The audience were carried away into a vibrant and uplifting world of timeless songs and toe-tapping dance numbers.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus

A tap dancing extravaganza across a rain soaked stage…it has the movies panache with the thrill of live performance.

The Public Reviews

It is an extremely stylish production that is visually stunning. Combining considerable aplomb as an actor, singer and dancer he [Flavin] suits the role of Don Lockwood perfectly. The big chorus numbers are audience pleasers and fill the stage with riotous colour, movement and energy. The title number was hugely anticipated and when it came it drew breaths. Tim Flavin performed it with flair, charisma, and pure enjoyment, and the real rain was the icing on the cake. This is a big bold sassy show that retains all the charm of the original film and sends the audience on their way home smiling and looking for puddles to splash in.

Newcastle Journal

With the rain pounding on the stage, there is nothing to do but stare in awe. Flavin’s performance is mesmerising…I can’t imagine anyone doing it better on stage.

Southport Champion

Tim Flavin shines as Don Lockwood in this slick and mesmerising stage version of the 1952 MGM film. He wows the audience in ‘real’ rain in the show’s iconic puddle-splashing tap routine. Lockwood sidekick Cosmo Brown, is perfectly played by multi-talented Graeme Henderson who is also responsible for the incredibly inventive, witty and perfectly executed choreography…..this show is a winner. All the splendour of Hollywood with a rousing umbrella-twirling finale! A top class show from UK Productions. Score 5/5

Liverpool Daily Post

Beautifully staged…..about as close as it could get to the movie, retaining the witty one-liners, dazzling costumes, and eye-catching full chorus numbers, which were tightly executed…..while real water rains down on the most famous scene of the show.

Click Liverpool

Tim Flavin’s Don Lockwood was a hit. Perhaps one of the most famous dance sequences in the history of dance [Singin’ in the Rain], the audience were astounded by by the talent of Tim Flavin as he glided in perfectly on a rain soaked stage. Singin’ in the Rain is a spectacular musical…..A wonderful performance.

The Stage

There couldn’t be a better time to tour this radiantly uplifting show. It’s hugely entertaining, far funnier than I remember the MGM film to be, though it faithfully reflects it. The silent film sequences are delicious in their mischief….The big dance numbers are magnificent…..Numbers like Broadway Melody are superbly executed and catch all the sizzle and panache of the era. Others, like the reprise of Lucky Star, can hush the theatre…Scintillating.

Nottingham Evening Post

Just like it says in the song, there was a smile on my face from curtain up to grand finale….American Tim Flavin, tall and handsome with a flashing Hollywood smile, sings, dances and acts the part with an easy winning charm…his finest moment came with the title song when Flavin delivered a faithful homage to Kelly’s iconic wet shoe shuffle.

The Gay Nation

If you’re looking for a rare treat that comes along once in a blue moon for us theatregoers, then this is it. Flavin is superb as Don Lockwood, managing to sing, tap, and act his way through the whole show with consummate ease – even in the pouring rain….the entire production is technically brilliant yet stunningly simple. The musical numbers are accomplished to perfection…..this is a sparkling event of an evening that shouldn’t be missed.

The Gazette, Blackpool

This timeless musical extravaganza, based on the memorable MGM film, is bursting with vibrancy. As the lead role of [Don] Lockwood, West End star Tim Flavin wowed the audience with his fancy footwork and velvety vocals while the sweet sounds of Jessica Punch, who played his lover Kathy Selden were stunning. The show had the audience chuckling throughout – but especially during Amy Griffiths’ solo performance of What’s Wrong With Me in act two. The cast may have had their brollies open indoors under a shower of water during the finale, Singin’ in the Rain, but there was no sign of any bad luck for this uplifting production

Melton Times

The debonair and handsome Flavin sings, dances and acts his way through with the utmost charm and wowed everyone with his tap dancing skills – especially when performing the title song splishing and splashing all over the stage – wonderful it was too

Burton Mail

What a glorious feeling it was to be sat in Nottingham’s Theatre Royal watching a fantastic production of Singin’ in the Rain….From start to finish the production was full of toe-tapping songs, wonderful colour and excellent choreography….Tim Flavin hardly ever leaves the stage and is magnificent in all his vocal and dance routines…The attention to detail in the whole show was evident, even down to the matching tap shoes with every costume.


Spectacular choreography and bedazzling special effects….The creative elements in the show are outstanding. The set design is brilliant and the inclusion of special effects and technical wonders captivated the audience. Costumes dazzled under the lights and the live music was certainly the highlight of the show. Timing was superb with dance routines, credit to Graeme Henderson who choreographed the piece. It was imaginative and enjoyable to watch.