“A hearty thigh slapping extravaganza”
Mail on Sunday

“The stage brims with leaping, twirling and backward somersaulting that is genuinely invigorating”
The Guardian

“The tunes are great… Cracking choreography and tremendous yee-ha energy”

“Spectacular Performance”
West End Extra

“Some of the best ensemble dance production numbers ever to grace the theatre”
Blackpool Gazette

“With an effervescent buzz, a feel-good factor and a show stopping finale this is an enchanted opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on.”
Newcastle Evening Chronicle

“Lively, energetic, and full of fun….some of the liveliest dance routines your liable to see around this season.”
Bristol Evening News

“Fans of this musical will undoubtedly love the knee-slapping atmosphere.”
British Theatre Guide

“Seven Brides shows why it can still hold its own after more than 50 years”
Liverpool Echo

“Rootin’-tootinly perfect”
The Herald

“Breathtaking choreography”
The Sheilds Gazette

“Seven Heaven….gets your toes tapping….and your jaw dropping”
Sunday Sun

“The choreography is outstanding.”
The Stage

“You’ve got to hand it to this bright breezy show for sheer cheek and joie de vivre”
The Scotsman

“Terrifically energetic”
Wiltshire Gazette & Herald

“Susan McFadden has star written all over her.”
Blackpool Gazette

“(Steven) Houghton brings a warm and atmospheric energy to the stage. (Susan) McFadden’s talent shines brightly.”
Newcastle Evening Chronicle