Oklahoma! Costumes

Oklahoma! Costumes

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Welcome to Oklahoma! a beautiful set of costumes. Farmer, Cowboys and women folk alike, exude character and will fill any stage.

Cowboys with their gun holsters, chaps and cowboy hats are predominately in Browns, greys and blues. The farmers in their dungarees, neckerchiefs and work clothes are dressed in browns, greens and reds. The womenfolk’s everyday outfits befit each character and their individual styles are repeated throughout the show.

During the Dream Ballet we see a beautiful set of ballet costumes, specifically designed for ease of movement. The tri-colour theme of the ballet is dazzling, using white, black and a hint of red for sinister effect. The lightweight full circle ballet dresses are stunning and move exquisitely. The whores are equally as pleasing with their corset, frills and attitude.

The Box Social is decorated with high quality tailoring, brightly coloured hats and full circle dress, making for a fabulous dance number.

The show finishes in equal splendour with the wedding.

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Production: Oklahoma!

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