Jekyll & Hyde packs a powerful punch with an all-stops-out performance by Paul Nicholas.
Liverpool Daily Post

Don’t Hyde from this gem.
The Sentinel – Stoke

Musical brings shivers to spine. Paul Nicholas performed brilliantly, as talented an actor as he is a singer. The sets were changed seamlessly before your eyes and the show features a magnificent chorus line. This is a terrifyingly exciting musical.
Wolverhampton Express & Star

This Gothic tale is splendidly realised in a dark and brooding production that grips from start to finish. This production not only deserves a successful tour but also an eventual long stay in the West End.
Musical Stages

Paul Nicholas gives a tour de force as Jekyll and Hyde
Plymouth Evening Herald

Paul Nicholas brilliantly portrayed the two faces of Jekyll and Hyde. Words can’t describe how good he was. But to be truthful everyone involved in the amazing production showed star quality. I swear you wouldn’t get better on Broadway.
Hull Daily Mail

Paul Nicholas Conveys fully the dual personalities. His fine acting is matched by his singing both of the sung narrative and in the powerful ‘This is the Moment’.
Musical Stages

As soon as the curtain rises on Jekyll & Hyde you know it is West End material. With stunning sets and colourful costumes, the excellent chorus belt out the songs and you immediately think of Les Miserables.
The Argus – Eastbourne

I cannot heap enough praise on Louise Dearman, who plays Lucy, and Shona Lindsay, who plays Jekyll’s fiancée Lisa Carew.
The Argus – Eastbourne

Powerful, macabre drama… a marvellous production. The good and evil sides of human nature are portrayed in excellent fashion by Paul Nicholas… a truly atmospheric production.
Bexhill Observer

Terrific performances.
Eastbourne Herald

When Louise Dearman and Shona Lindsay duet they light up the stage.
Eastbourne Herald

Paul Nicholas was a powerhouse from his first appearance… the transformations underline his technical brilliance.
Sussex Express

All of the principals were close to flawless. As Lucy, Louise Dearman was riveting and nailed her upper register like a mallet hitting a chime.
Sussex Express

We [the audience] are genuinely involved, concerned for Jekyll and
revolted by Hyde.
Sussex Express

I have seen this actor [Paul Nicholas] more times than any other professional performer… this is his best performance so far.
Rotherham Advertiser

Entertaining, slick and pacey. Paul Nicholas’ versatility is unquestioned in two richly dramatic – but different – roles. Binding the whole dramatic tale is Wildhorn’s wonderful score. If you like meat on your musical bones, and some excellent company big number work, I am confident you will enjoy this walk on the dark side.
Rotherham Advertiser

Captures the melodrama of the original. Songs are delivered with plenty of punch and every cast member gives a well polished performance.
Derbyshire Times

Shona Lindsay and Louise Dearman enchanted with some beautifully crafted songs and excelled especially in their duet.
Belfast Telegraph

Paul Nicholas excels as scientist Dr Henry Jekyll. Shona Lindsay is impressive as fiancée Lisa Carew, whilst Louise Dearman gives a sensational performance as lady of the night Lucy Harris. Their stunning treatment of many numbers should ensure that this production takes its place firmly in the West End at the end of its tour. Charles Camm’s set is cleverly designed and the lighting is mean and moody. A wonderful example of musical theatre at it’s very best.
Woking Review

Catch this one if you can; it’s an excellent night out
Bury Times

A musical triumph. Paul Nicholas is mesmerising in the dual lead roles.
Southend Echo