Jenny Jones

Noted for her most recent work as ‘the bubbly pink body mover’ in the hit children’s television show Hi-5, Jenny Jones is a highly skilled presenter, dancer and overall performer. Joining the Angela Allport Performing Arts School at the age of just two years old, Jenny’s diverse talents gained her rapid success as a professional dancer and choreographer in productions the world over. Her innate performing ability and confidence led to being crowned one of the best dancers in the United Kingdom, winning the All-England Ballet and Tap Award and featuring as presenter and demonstrator in instructional ITSD ballet and tap dance videos. She is also a qualified dance teacher, vocal and acting coach, and practises both yoga and pilates.
Jenny’s accomplishments as a professional performer helped pave the way to performing and shouting “It’s behind you” a total of nine times, acquiring leading lady roles such as the Good Fairy in Babes in the Wood (Thameside Theatre, Grays); Wendy in Peter Pan (the Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea); Cinderella (Floral Pavilion, New Brighton) and, most recently, Snow White in Snow White (Grand Theatre, Blackpool).
After achieving widespread success in dance and theatre, Jenny made a natural transition to presenting. Utilising her unparalleled capacity to connect with an audience, she starred as Jenny, the bubbly pink body
mover, in Hi-5, broadcast on GMTV, Cartoonito and Boomerang. Drawing on her extensive abilities to entertain
a distinct audience, her experiences as a Hi-5 presenter range from complex presenting skills to using her
background in dance to transform into a tap-dancing fox.
Jenny has also appeared in numerous commercials, including Sky Sports, and featured in Doctors and Holby City (BBC). She can also be seen as the toys and gadgets specialist presenter on, reviewing the next top 10 playground crazes.
Jenny would like to thank her family for their constant love and support, and is looking forward to being part
of 42nd Street.