South Pacific

A raised walkway at the rear of the set with add on trucks create most of the scenes for this classic musical. The shower has a simple gravity fed water system that is both self contained and easily maintained. Realistic Palm trees form the frame for all of the settings giving a tropical look throughout. Scenery items can be flown or trucked. The set has fitted in to the largest and smallest of venues.

A classic Rogers and Hammerstein musical, this production of South Pacific is exacting to the period with a small injection of poetic license that gives a thrill!

A wide range of specific uniforms are the heart of this show; Naval Nurses, See Bees, Sailors, Marines and Pilots. The uniforms are accurate to that of the American forces during World War II; – a large proportion of which has been sourced directly from the USA – for authenticity and out of respect for the uniform itself. All insignia for specific rankings will be provided.

In between the uniformed scenes we see the Nurses in their brightly coloured beachwear, the natives of Bali Hai in their grass skirts and a show within a show with the ‘Thanksgiving Follies’.

During the ‘Thanksgiving Follies’ we escape for a short spell from the seriousness of war to put on a show to boost morale, and it does just that. Costumes for the ensemble are red, white and blue with a sailor theme and would fit all kinds of choreography.
‘Honey Bun’ for Nellie and Billis fits with the script, as Nellie wears an oversized Sailor outfit and Billis dances in a wig made from grass, and a grass skirt decorated with shells. The grand finale is very tongue in cheek with a play on the ‘Ziegfeld Follies’, the female ensemble appear in home-made outfits made from the silks of parachutes, with a fantastic array of hats on their heads representing famous places in the USA. We see the Golden Gate Bridge, the Hollywood Sign, the Statue of Liberty, the White House, Mount Rushmore and the Empire State Building! You’ll find it a sensational way to end the show. See Production Page