Singin’ in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain

Complete with real water rain effect that drains through a permanent false floor. Comes complete with a selection of projection screens as well as all the furniture required for the numerous scenes.
Main set contains solid flown frenchmen but for smaller venues and budgets these can be replaced with cloths.

This particular version of Singin’ in the Rain is reminiscent of the classic movie, with added depth, colour, glamour and stage show magic.

The show opens with all the sensation of Hollywood – beads, sequins, satins and feathers to complete the beautiful look of the many red carpet outfits. Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont are every bit the movie star, as Don takes us through the vignettes of his life that brought him to be the leading man. The vignettes are a classic example of the many incidental characters within this show that give the story depth, from Policemen, Directors, Clowns, Party Guests, Cowboys, Strippers and Audience members.

With musical numbers such as ‘Fit as a Fiddle’, ‘All I Do’ ,’Beautiful Girl’, and ‘Broadway Melody’ we see colourful costumes that give the feel of a show within a show. ‘Broadway Melody’ unlike any other production of ‘Singin In The Rain’ comes with a chorus costume change, for added drama! Starting with the colourful flapper dresses and boating jackets of the period, we see an extravagant change into red sequin for both male and female ensemble during Don’s solo. A spectacle in itself.

All other musical numbers including ‘Singin In The Rain’ honour the late 1920’s style of the show. The Men’s suits specifically designed and professionally tailored to create authenticity, and dresses constructed from fabrics and patterns that reflect the period.

Rain Mac’s, Sou’westers and wellington boots dominate the end of the show, with a spectacular finale of technicolour. Principals are the focus in yellow, female ensemble in blue and male ensemble in green. Enough to have everyone, singin’ and dancin’ in the aisles! See Production Page