Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

A versatile set that can fit most venues by clever use of reversible trucks creating seamless set changes. Works well in venues with little space as the largest trucks stay on stage for all of the show. Comes complete with furniture and we can supply imitation guns if required.

With every colour of the rainbow a more vibrant set of costumes could not be found. Brothers and Brides alike have a wardrobe that cannot be rivalled.

From the moment we meet Adam Pontipee even though he’s a backwoodsman, his racoon hat and leather fringed outfit are a sign of things to come. From the moment Milly meets the Brothers (thank goodness she’s a dab hand at the sewing machine), they are ready to go to the barn raising, you’re in for a treat.

Here at the social we meet the Suitors in their perfectly tailored suits, the Brides in their pristine full circle dresses and petticoats. Then along come the Brothers in their cowboy shirts and hats, colours perfectly matched to their prospective Brides and suitors. A delight to watch as they compete with their exuberant dance moves.

Through the winter and into the spring both Brothers and Brides have outfits to suggest the changing seasons. To lead us to the grand finale, show stopping selection of bridal wear! See Production Page