Fiddler on the Roof

A minimalist set combined with a monochromatic colour scheme, helps to convey the harshness of life at the start of the twentieth century in tsarist Russia for its put upon Jewish inhabitants. With clever redressing and the use of a wide range of furniture this set can be adapted to suit most spaces. A moving bed and 12ft high Fruma- Sarah puppet help create the famous dream sequence and a flaming chest will disrupt any Family wedding.

A simple set of costumes that are not over imposing, but let the music and story sing. Although it is clear to see that these particular costumes are not only constructed to portray the period, but allow the most technical and challenging of choreography.

A monochrome colour scheme is used to enhance the reality of this story and is used to dramatic effect throughout the show, in scenes such as ‘the Wedding’, ‘the Dream’ and an evocative finale.

The ‘Bottle dance’ and the ‘Russian dance’ are particularly challenging numbers but once mastered are a true reflection of the ‘Tradition’ of the people. With costumes that do not restrict movement and provide hidden extras to ‘wow’ the audience, you will be thrilled to see what can be achieved.

The dream sequence is a tremendous highlight with veiled cast members and the most imposing Fruma Sarah, a 12ft puppet! See Production Page