42nd Street 2012 Reviews

“Sheer unadulterated brilliance”

“Exceptional. From the opening scene with the team of incredibly well-drilled hoofers, to the moment the curtain falls, this spectacular production simply oozes glamour and glitz. There’s no expense spared either, with stunning sets and costumes covered with sequins and feathers galore. Without doubt it is one of the best productions at the Grand this year, performed by an incomparable cast, who never miss a beat.”
Wolverhampton Express & Star

“Stunning tap dancing, spectacular costumes, and memorable songs, ensure the action zips along.The first nighters at the Grand gave the show a standing ovation and how the terrific cast deserved it.”
Birmingham Mail

“A toe-tapping classic”
Southern Daily Echo

“A feel good production full of smiles, sequins and the best tap dancing feet around, 42nd Street certainly did not disappoint. There was nothing not to love about the show – I only wish it could have lasted longer.”
Diss Express

“Filled with sparkling costumes, lovable characters and some of the most impressive tap routines I’ve ever seen, it’s a great show for anyone who loves a classic.”
Salisbury Journal

“The lavish Broadway sets and glittering costumes fill the sizeable stage at the Palace and the transitions between scenes is slick and impressive however, the unquestionable star of the show is the choreography which is faultless in every way. A visual feast and a true musical theatre classic. A toe tapping night out.”
thepublicreviews (Manchester)

“A triumph”

“42nd Street is a musical like no other. The production brings the greatest talents of musical theatre to the forefront to produce a wonderful night of entertainment. You’ll leave the theatre with a song in your heart and a tap in your step. An unforgetable, must see”
thepublicreviews (Bradford)

“Some of the most impressive tap routines I’ve ever seen.”
Salisbury Journal

“Toe-tappingly fabulous.”
The News (Portsmouth)

“Everyone loves a big musical and this one ticks all the right boxes. It has a good big cast, orchestra, dazzling costumes, and a relentless pace – I was exhausted just watching it!There are plenty of quality tap routines, lots of sequins plus the broadest smiles I’ve seen in a long time so it is the perfect feel good production.”
Norwich Evening News

***** (5 stars) “An explosion of instrumental music, singing, and dancing, all of which glittered, dazzled, blazed in a show that was rip-roaringly magical.”

“It needs to be seen to be beleived….When 50 feet feet tap and stamp in unison you don’t just see and hear it – you feel it through your seat….The chance to hear Tell Me on a Sunday star Marti Webb’s still-breathtaking voice is well worth the ticket price alone”
Western Mail

“Probably the greatest tap-dancing musical of all time, this production oozes innocence and feel-good factor. The song and dance routines are second to none. Dave Willetts gives a masterful performance of under-pressure director Julian Marsh [and his] reprise of 42nd Street at the end of the show stays with you long after curtain down. ”
South Wales Argus

“They [the cast], seamlessly sing and tap their way through successive show-stopping routines, not to mention costume changes that defy belief and a brilliant staircase routine providing a sensational finale……If you love musicals then 42nd Street is a must-see show for all the family and it’s certainly one that will have you singing and toe-tapping all the way home.”
Yorkshire Evening Post

“With big numbers, impressive staging and enough sparkle to rival the crown jewels, 42nd Street had the audience hooked from the very first overture. Don’t miss out on the chance to catch this superb show.”
SW Londoner

“Sheer taptastic energy”

“It richly deserved the cheers that nearly brought the roof off as this is a stunning production. This is a show that has had no expense spared. You won’t see a better show than this on Broadway or in London’s West End.”
Sussex Express

“Song and dance spectacular is an absolute joy”
Eastbourne Argus

***** (5 stars)
“WOW. Talk about a terrific night at the theatre. 42nd Street which opened at the Kings on Tuesday is all-singing, all-dancing, all-wise cracking proof you don’t need special effects and wizadry to create magic. A stage stuffed with top-notch dancers tapping in unison to the dramatic climax of the show-stopping 42nd Street number is every bit as thrilling as a flying car or abseiling nanny. It’s good old fashioned Hollywood glamour come to life. Catch it while you can.”
Glasgow Herald

“42nd Street wowed a full first night house with sparkle and razzamatazz galore.”

“This really IS a show that packs a ‘WOW!’ factor – huge, sleek, and a juggernaut of fun, it’s impossible to stop toes matching the beat of your heart. And when the stage curtain lifts that means 0-90 in 3.3 seconds.The sets and staging of each musical number are breathtaking, while the costume changes defy belief.”
Oxford Mail

“Sizzling entertainment, executed by this company with enormous flair and pizzazz…..the choreography sparkles and fizzes like the best champagne. Legendary West End stars Dave Willetts and Marti Webb are terrific….Jessica Punch is a dazzling presence as she taps her way through the show with unstinting energy and aplomb.”
Oxford Times

“This is a very polished production, from the constant glint of the bedazzled costumes and oh-so-shiny smiles, to the chorus’ wonderfully and authentically shrill American accents.The performances are equally seamless”
Daily Info, Oxford

“The song and dance routines are second to none, motored by some very impressive tap choreography”
The Stage

“A show which is bursting with familiar songs, and highly energetic, beautifully staged tap and ballet routines. The choreography pays tribute to Busby Berkeley and replicates the long staircase routine and more amazingly, the famous overhead shot of the chorus girls making flower patterns on the floor. A delightful heartwarming show.”
British Theatre Guide

“Webb and Willetts are both superb…Punch is memorably both awkward and breathtaking in her dancing and has a pure, clear voice. The real star is the chorus line, full of non-stop energetic and exciting dancing. The choreography catches the spirit of the time flawlessly. The almost capacity audience lapped it up as did my companion and I. Everyone left with a massive smile on their face after a night of unadulterated escapist entertainment. If you enjoy the spectacle of the glory days of Hollywood musicals, this is definitely for you.”
The Public Reviews

“THIS musical is tap-tastic! Definitely a night to remember”
The Shields Gazette

“My eyes were full of sequins…the tap dancing was breath-taking…walk through the doors and be transported to 42nd Street”
Newcastle Chronicle

“The chorus line dancers were mesmerising in their collective delivery which at times defied the boundaries of the human body for speed and dexterity. The leads created a suopernova within this whirling maelstrom of sparkle, light and sound and then, just as quickly as it came, it went and we were left with the powerful delivery which gave the understory pathos and humility. Dave Willetts and Mati Webb are brilliantly cast as Julian Marsh and Dorothy Brock…Jessica Punch (Peggy Sawyer) was truly outstanding (I defy any of the Olympians to be able to match Jessica’s nightly routine, show after show)…The ensemble is one of the most talented assembled for any tour, they have to be to cope with such demanding routines throughout the whole production.”

Reviews from our 2007 production

“Taptastic!,,,The glitz, the glamour, the pzazz of old Broadway brought excitingly back.”
Nottingham Evening Post

“The song and dance numbers are nothing short of spectacular”
BBC Nottingham

“A song and dance spectacular..as sparkling and fresh as it could be.”
Encore Magazine

“Brilliant dancing, great songs, and stunning costumes.”
Walsall Observer

“Street is quite a dancing feat.”
Birmingham Post

“Sparkle, razzamattazz and fizzing with fun and tap dancing spectaculars.The lavish production is energised by dazzling dancing, wise-cracking dialogue and impeccable performances from the talent packed cast and chorus.”
Wolverhampton Express & Star

There is something invigorating about the sight and sound of numerous tap dancers working in unison…and this new production makes the most of it, as the entire cast often taps as one.”
Liverpool Daily Post

“Spectacle and energy”
Liverpool Echo

“The musical 42nd Street is back, at it’s foot-stomping best.”
Blackpool Gazette

“Quality Street…The glittering, big budget revival offers quality all the way”
Oxford Mail

“The show is peppered with so many long, complex routines, taken so very, very fast, that I was breathless just watching.”
Oxford Times

“Toe tapping glitz and glamour. The costumes, sets, singing and dancing are all thoroughly impressive and entertaining. All of the cast had the audience whooping and applauding.”
Eastbourne Herald

“Electric-fast tapping, leggy lovelies and over-the-top costumes combine in a flurry of glitz and glamour.”
Sunderland Echo

“42nd Street razzles and dazzles in equal measure.”
The Journal, Sunderland

“This production has your feet tapping from the first bars of the overture until the curtain call.”

“This is a must see for anyone who can appreciate first-class talent and loves a bit of humour and sparkle thrown in for good measure.”
The Shields Gazette

“A top night of entertainment.”
The Scotsman

“With a myriad of stunning sets and costumes plus dazzling Busby Berkeley dance routines reflected in a giant mirror, it’s full of Broadway razzamataz. This is pure escapist entertainment, the audience loved every minute.”
Manchester Evening News

“A must see show for all the family”

“This production feels fresh and joyous while at the same time not shifting too far away from the original. If you like your musicals packed full of well known numbers, performed with real energy, then try and catch this while it’s still on tour.”

“Filled with spectacular dance routines to leave you breathless, stunning costumes and music guaranteed to lift your spirits.”
Buckingham Advertiser

“Superbly staged and impeccably danced”
Surrey Advertiser

“As an all-singing, all-dancing, fun fest 42nd Street delivers on its promises” Western Mail

“The sets and scenery were spectacular throughout. It had the perfect blend of acting, singing and dancing with a host of impressive tap routines”
Sheffield Star

“Dazzling performances…..fans of this New York city based production will not be disappointed.”
Weston & Somerset Mercury

“The glitz and glamour is all there in this production as are some stunning dance routines which are real show stoppers”

“42nd Street is a toe-tapping spectacular which opened with a brilliant tap-dancing sequence and continued in the same vein for its full two and a half hour length. I have never seen a company so perfectly in time when dancing.”
Daily Echo

Quotes for the New York Production

42nd Street is back, and all is right with the world!
John Simon, New York Magazine

This new 42ND STREET flies like a magic bird from the overture on. It’s a whiz of a show that could send the Venus de Milo out tapping her toes and even snapping her fingers. Pure exhilaration.”
Clive Barnes, New York Post

This 42ND STREET is terrific. A blissful “Lullaby of Broadway” that respects its audiences and has a kick doing it. An expertly delirious extravaganza, a rhapsody of happy feet.”
Linda Winer, Newsday

You’d never know there’d been an earlier version, so thrilling, so energetic is this production. The evening cascades from one boundlessly energetic number to another, topped only by the most sensational finale you’d ever want to see! Toe-tapping, foot-stomping sensational. If you can’t get tickets for The Producers, 42ND STREET is the musical to see.”
Jeffrey Lyons, WNBC-TV

“Dance routines that spill across the stage like ear-to-ear grins.”
Elysa Gardner, USA Today

This 42ND STREET is loaded with talent. And you know it as soon as the curtain rises”
Howard Kissel, Daily News

“From the moment the curtain goes up, audiences will be delighted by the old-fashioned, lavish showmanship that shines from every last sequin of this glittering pinball machine of a musical.”
Charles Isherwood, Variety
“Lavish settings and costumes, a terrific score, and musical production numbers staged with flair, precision and exuberant. There are few sights and sounds to gladden a musical theater lover¹s heart quite as much.”
Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

“A darn good show! An exquisite gem of a production. I had truly forgotten how much of a pleasure it is to have those dancing feet front and center once again.”
Roma Torre, NY1 News

A beautiful blur of color, costumes, comedy, lights, scenery, tuneful tunes and tap-tap-tapping. A cascade of musical comedy pleasures.”
Dennis Cunningham, WCBS-TV

“Tap-dance heaven!”
Michael Kuchwara, Associated Press

“Whatever it is about tap dancing that induces euphoria, it’s in full glory here.”
Robert Feldberg, The Record

“PURE RAZZMATAZZ! The audience is delirious and who, in truth, would not be? It’s all quite irresistible.”
Clifford A. Ridley, The Philadelphia Inquirer

A dazzling explosion of song, dance, light, color and costumes. Vastly improves on the original by leaps and bounds. One show-stopping number after another. The best bang for your buck on Broadway. You’ll leave the theatre floating on air.”
Neil Rosen, WABC Radio

“SUPERB. A big, bold, brassy spectacular with more dancing feet than you’d find on a centipede. Everything works to perfection. Run over to the Ford Center and tap-dance right up to the ticket-window and buy a ticket!”
David F. Richardson, WOR Radio

“IT DAZZLES AND DANCES away any new economy recession blues with its bright new shining stars and New York at its most promising.”
Casper Citron, WOR Radio

“42ND STREET has restored the thrill of spectacle, provoking a thrill of joy and a heartfelt burst of applause. It’s the kind of bright and sparkling show you dreamed of seeing as a kid. 42ND STREET is not original, or profound, or earth-shattering. It’s just a damn good time, a celebration of what the script calls “the two most glorious words in the English language: musical comedy.”
Richard Ouzounian, The Toronto Star